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Some important milestones...

  • 2002: Steinbeis Transfer Center for Embedded Design and Networking (stzedn) is founded.
  • 2003: stzedn proudly presents the emBetter, an TCP/IPv4 protocol stack including web server (http) and many added-value features, e.g. smtp client, embetter management and configuration suite (emcs).
  • 2003: The IT-Seminar Lörrach is launched, supported by the stzedn. IT Seminar is now part of phaenovum.
  • 2005: The Steinbeis Research Institute for Wireless Communication (sfidk) is founded.
  • 2006: The emBetter protocol stack is enhanced by SSL/TLS1.1.
  • 2006: stzedn joins M2M Alliance.
  • 2007: The Steinbeis Innovation Center for Embedded Design and Networking (sizedn) is founded.
  • 2008: stzedn joins the EnOcean Alliance as an associate member.
  • 2008: stzedn wins the M2M Award in the category Innovation for its TLS-to-everything approach.
  • 2009: sizedn is invited to participate in Ko-FAS initiative, the largest German initiative for cooperative driving.
  • 2011: stzedn launches its first version of its Wireless M-Bus protocol stack (EN 13757-4).
  • 2011: stzedn joins OMS Group.
  • 2011: Texas Instruments licenses the Wireless M-Bus protocol stack from stzedn.
  • 2012: stzedn and its partner Phywe Systeme GmbH & Co KG are awarded with the Steinbeis Foundation’s transfer award – the Löhn Award 
  • 2014: STACKFORCE GmbH is founded.