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capt²web as a standalone appliance, based on the MGW/865 of our partner SSV Software Systems GmbH.

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A web based sniffing tool for capturing Wireless M-Bus telegrams.

You can't control anything that you can't observe. Therefore, observation and monitoring is a basic requirement for wireless networks. capt²web is a device to monitor wireless personal area networks. It provides a full-featured web based capture monitor software that runs in all common web-browsers, locally or remotely. It is based on a powerful Embedded Linux system. Due to its small form factor it can be placed right in the best place for wireless network traffic to be monitored.

The monitoring GUI is executed in a standard web client. Thus, it can be accessed from any computer, smart phone or PDA, independent from its operating system. Neither hardware nor software installations are required.


  • web interface: Easy and intuitive GUI using modern techniques in the background (see some screenshots below)
    • overview: crystal clear presentation of all received packets
    • details: easy access to detailled information of single packets
    • decryption: direct decryption of received frames, adding keys per device
    • filter: tracking of selected packets within a huge amount of data by simply adding individual filters
    • csv export: export data as CSV for deep analysis using the spreadsheet application of your choice
    • statistics: easy overview on what's going on within your wireless network; possibility to define individual statistics
  • integrated radio module
    • integrated well proven radio module based on electronic components from Texas Instruments
    • radio module firmware based on our own Wireless M-Bus Stack
    • ready for observing all 868MHz frequencies relevant for mode S, T or C meter or collector devices
  • hardware: compact and powerful platform from our partner SSV - MGW/865
    • powerful ARM9 CPU @192MHz
    • 10/100 MBit/s Ethernet by RJ45 plug
    • status LEDs indicating power and packet reception