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Virtual Private Networking FOR EMBEDDED 

In the age of networked and open systems, security is essential. Systems need protection in every way: be it around confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, non-repudiation, or availability. Without security, both safety and privacy are at stake.

The open technologies of virtual private networking (VPN) are a major stepping stone towards security. They can also be implemented in embedded systems. However, special challenges must be met as embedded systems come with limited resources. They must be as cheap as possible, minimize power dissipation, and be future-proof. STACKFORCE GmbH follows the task of transferring the technologies used in classic VPNs to embedded systems, and so enable open, portable and consistent information exchange.

STACKFORCE GmbH provides an own TLS stack, which is optimized for the use in small embedded microcontrollers (embetterTLS).


The true benefits of software solutions can always be seen where high levels of flexibility are required. In comparison, hardware implementations provide powerful, low-cost computing power with relatively low power requirement.

STACKFORCE GmbH has experience with using all of the possibilities and thus can make a free selection to find the total system optimum:

  • use of efficient software libraries,
  • use of integrated crypto-modules in microcontrollers and transceiver ICs,
  • use of crypto-accelerators, be it in custom hardware (best in Programmable Logic Devices, PLDs) or in Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs)


Effective levels of security can only be achieved if technical constraints are met and the organizational integration of the system can be guaranteed. This is why STACKFORCE GmbH provides a variety of consulting and training services to complement its product palette. These include security analyses and the development of security concepts.

We also support connections to classic corporate networks by designing and implementing security concepts such as firewalls.