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Wireless M-Bus

EN 13757 and its substandards The Wireless M-Bus standard is more or less a marketing name for the european standard for wireless meter readout (EN 13757-4), which lies underneath the generic european standard for remote readout of meters (EN 13757-3).

However, those EN 13757 standards do not specify a full featured protocol, as there are several gaps within the specification which cause different interpretations, and the standards also specifies features and formats, that most likely won't be used by anyone.

Therefore, we would describe the Wireless M-Bus is like specifying a pool of features and formats, as a base for other standards, what we call sub-standards (e.g. OMS, DSMR, GrDF, CIG/UNI-TS, ...). This picture using the sub-standards OMS and DSMR as an example, describes the situation the best:


Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

For the TI product families, STACKFORCE offers a broad support. This includes derivatives of the MSP430 microcontrollers (like MSP430FG4618, MSP430G2955, MSP430F5438A, ...), and RF transceivers like CC1200 and CC1120/1125. In addition, for specific application also the single-chip system CC430 is supported.

This application demonstrates the usage of the Wireless M-Bus Stack using the Texas Instruments' eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch Development Tool as data collector and the MSP430FG4618/F2013 Experimenter Board as meter device.

Renesas RL78 and RX600 MCU


Renesas is a market leader in providing MCU based solutions for the metering market with the RX600 32bit MCU family offering the highest levels of performance and integration for metering system applications, whilst the RL78 MCU family of 16 bit devices is optimised for cost and lowest power consumption and is ideal for module and battery driven devices.


Analog Devices ADF7021-N/V & ADF7023

Analog Devices

Analog Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (IC). Its lineup includes the narrow band ISM transceivers ADF7021 for 80-650MHz and 862-940MHz, and the ADF7023 for 430-464MHz and 860-928MHz frequency bands.

Product letter is available here.


Rohm / LAPIS

LAPIS Semiconductor Co. Ltd develops, manufactures, and sells system LSI, logic LSI, memory LSI, and supplys wafer foundry service. Its lineup for communication LSIs includes the ML7406 ISM RF-transceiver for the 750MHz to 960MHz band, which is compliant to the European smart meter (868MHz Wireless M-bus) and the Japanese smart meter (ARIB STD-T108).

A product letter for the porting of STACKFORCE's Wireless M-Bus stack is available here.


Silicon Labs EFM32™ & Si446x


Rohm / LAPIS

Silicon Labs is an industry leader in the innovation of high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs. For the SiLabs products, the STACKFORCE Wireless M-Bus stack is provided for the highly integrated EFM32™ 32-bit MCUs, and Si446x EZRadioPRO® RF transceivers using an IAR compiler. Physical layer configurations are also provided for S, T, C, N, R and F modes for Silicon Labs Wireless Development Suite. API documentation, physical layer scripts and test reports are included in the software package and will be located in the user designated folder after installation.

Further information and firmware download at the Wireless M-Bus Homepage by Silicon Labs.